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Are you searching for how to root Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G with Magisk Manager? Then you are at the right place. Here you can get all the details about the Rooting and installation of Magisk on your Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G model.

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is the latest release from Xiaomi Redmi. It comes with the latest 5 G technology.

This device has 6.6 inches of super AMOLED HD display with a 120Hz refresh rate. So the screen will be crispy and clear and give a smooth display experience.

Moving on to the storage part it comes with mainly 3 storage varients 6GB RAM/128GB, 8GB RAM / 128GB, and 8GB RAM / 256 GB.

What is Rooting

Rooting is the process of getting Super permissions. With Rooting you can do a lot of things like de-bloating and installing custom ROMs.

But before rooting your Redmi Note 11 Pro you should know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Rooting. So let’s check them.

Advantages of Rooting

  1. You install Custom Recovery
  2. Install Custom ROM
  3. Install unwanted System apps
  4. Install system-wide adblocker
  5. Install Magisk manager
  6. Increase device performance by installing l speed magisk module
  7. Extra RAM and storage management permissions by Mangnater magisk module
  8. Extra Customisation permissions
  9. Can take a complete backup of your device
  10. Install unsupported applications
  11. Unlock the Device using Android multi tools


  1. You will lose your warranty
  2. High chance of device damage
  3. Bootloop
  4. Hard brick or soft brick
  5. Chances to get your device hacked

How to Root Redmi note 11 pro 5G

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to root your Redmi Device.

Things to keep in mind

  • You will not get a warranty
  • You will not get OTS updates after Rooting
  • Backup your data
  • Make sure your device has more than 60%+ battery backup
  • The bootloader should be unlocked before beginning
  • Keep your PC nearby

Download Files

Steps To Follow

  1. Download all required files
  2. Now extract the firmware on your pc
  3. Connect your device to the pc Using a data cable and copy-paste the boot image from pc to the device.
  4. Install Magiskanager apk
  5. Open APK and click on Install Magisk and continue with the installation
  6. Now click on install once more and re-install
  7. Tap on the patch to boot the image
  8. Now open the file manager and go to internal storage and select boot image
  9. After patching copy it and paste it to the same extracted folder on pc

Now you have to install the patched boot image to your Redmi note 11 Pro 5G

  1. Unzip the ADB folder and keep the boot image in same Extracted ADB folder together
  2. Hold the shift key on your keyboard+ right click mouse and select power shell. In the same folder
  3. Paste the following command and press enter to install the patched boot image
fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

Now Reboot your android device.

That’s it you have successfully root Redmi note 11 Pro 5G without Custom recovery.

To check root access you can install Root checker apps.

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