How to use L speed Magisk module to increase Device performance

Are you searching for L speed magisk module? Then you landed on the right page. Here you can get all details about this speed optimization module.

In earlier days mid-range budget Android smartphones struggled with performance issues. Because of low-end specifications. Gaming on mid-range devices remained just like a dream. People can only play android games on high-end smartphones. But today everything is changed. Even low-budget smartphones come with high-end specifications so anyone can play high graphics games on their device. 

But still, some people are struggling with performance issues. To overcome these types of problems we have found a solution called L speed Magisk Module. Which will help you to optimize your device for better performance and gaming experience. You can install this module just like how you install Magnetar magisk module.

L speed

Benefits Of L Speed Magisk Module

This performance tweak module comes with a lot of features.

  • Boost Your device performance – You boost your android device performance by tweaking some settings using this magisk module
  • Boost Gaming Performance –  You can easily increase your device’s gaming performance
  • Improve Battery life – After using the L speed module you can experience longer battery life
  • UI optimization –  You optimize your device user interface
  • Script clearing –  Clear unwanted scripts from the device
  • Battery Calibration  – You can easily calibrate your device’s battery life

How To Install L speed magisk module On Android Device

Before beginning with installation please make sure your device is rooted and root access is working properly.

  • Root Access
  • Magisk Manager
  • L speed Magisk module zip file – Download

Once you are ok with the Pre-requirements you can start the installation process. To install this module on your device follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, download the module zip file to your device and save it in the root folder for quick access
  2. Now open Magisk manager and click on the modules option from the sidebar
  3. Now you can tap on the Plus symbol to browse and select the module zip file
  4. After selecting the l’speed zip file continue with the installation
  5. Now tap on reboot button

That’s it you have successfully installed the L speed module on your device. Now let’s check how to use this to optimize your device performance.


Open L speed Magisk module and on options, here you can almost all the options to optimize your device performance. 

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  1. Is there anyway to get updated version of l speed module ? or developer discontinued the project ??

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