Magnetar Magisk Module – Best Android Optimizer

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Are you searching for the best magisk module called Magnetar magisk Module that can optimize your device even more than you can think?. Then you are at the right place. Here you can get all the details about the magnetar magisk module like how to download and install it on your device.

What is magisk and magisk module? If you are new to android and have no idea what is magisk manager? then follow me

Magisk Manager

Magisk manager is one of the most popular and best Systemless rooting system. It can easily root almost any android with very easy steps without making any major changes in the core.  Magisk was launched in 2016 and it’s getting better and better day by day since it launched. If you want to know more about how to use magisk manager v24.1 to root your android device then you can read our previous posts.

Magisk Modules

What makes magisk special is its customization ability. you can install plenty of magisk modules to customize your android device. Some of the best magisk modules are Fde ai pro, Viper for android, changing controller, etc

Magnetar Magisk Module

Just like Fde ai pro magisk module Magnetar magisk module aims to provide the best android optimization solutions to its users in almost any usage time. So anyway let’s check some of the features of the Magnetar module.


  • You can set the refresh rate
  • You can set a custom resolution
  • App detection
  • Backup
  • App detection
  • Machine learning
  • Performance optimization
  • Battery Management

and a lot you can find more after installing the module on your device.

How to install Magnetar magisk Module

  1. Download module
  2. Open Magisk Manager
  3. Flash on magisk manager
  4. Tap on reboot

Select module for Installation

That’s it you have success fully installed the module on your device.

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