As we all know being a student is not an easy thing and it’s very challenging to stay away from distractions and focused on studies. It’s really important to organize our time to use it at its maximum.

So today we are going to check the Best productivity apps for students.

Best Productivity Apps For Students

For a student, studies are important but it’s not only the essential skill you have to find to get succeeded in your career. You should also find time to develop your passion and do other extra activities like sports, arts, communication, etc.

Thankfully there are some amazing android apps are available to help you boost your productivity and to organize time for studies and extra activities.

All apps here I mentioned are free to use. Some apps come with additional purchases but still, you can use the free version to improve your productivity and time management skills. So let’s get into it.

Here are my best Productivity Apps for students.


Tide - Sleep & Meditation
Tide - Sleep & Meditation
Developer: Moreless, Inc.
Price: Free

Available – Android, iOS, and chrome extension

Tide is one of my personal favorite productivity App. It is available on Android and iOS and you can install it on your browser as an extension.

Tide is actually focused on wellness and beautiful UI design. This app allows you to set personalized Focus sessions with very calm and natural sounds. You can also set meditation sessions and nap sessions with Tide.


Forest:Konzentriert Bleiben
Forest:Konzentriert Bleiben
Developer: Seekrtech
Price: Free

Available – Android, iOS, and chrome extension

Forest app takes a very different approach to help you stay focused. If you are starting a study session then you are going to plant a tree in the forest app. The more you focus on your studies the more the tree will grow. But if you are distracted by something and took your phone then your tree dies. If you are ready to focus more and complete your sessions without break then you can collect and add more trees to your collection.

And the best thing is, if you complete a session without any distractions then the company will plant a real tree. So Forest is one of the best productivity apps for students as well as for our environment.


Available – chrome extension

As you are a student you may need to use your laptop and internet connection. On the internet, it’s very easy to be distracted by social media websites and other similar kinds of web platforms. So what the motion app focuses on is it blocks you from accessing such websites for a limited time. You can set the time limit and get on your studies and focus on your work.

Cold Turkey

Available – Mac, chrome extension

Just like motion Cold, you can use Cold turkey to block distracting websites on your computer. Cold Turkey comes with a free plan for personal use and if you won’t use and explore more features of cold Turkey. You can buy the Premium version. After the usage, you will also get a report on how much time you stay focused and when you got distracted.

Google Calendar

Google Kalender
Google Kalender
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Available – Application, Android, iOS

Google Calendar is an effortless application to schedule your meetings, classes, and studies. With Google Calendar you can manage and organize your time very easily.

This is not like a focusing application rather than improving focus Google Calendar can be used to organize all your study things from classes to homework, Give it a try.


I hope my list of best productivity apps for students will help you to focus more on your studies and other extra activities. You can also use Google notes, Microsoft To-do list, One drive, portal, Evernote, and notion apps to improve your productivity and time management skills.

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