Root Android with Magisk Manager v24.1

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Android users are Rooting their android devices since Android OS was released. Rooting an android means granting permission to do more.

Actually, when you bought your device the manufacturers locked your device with some limited features. But The good thing is the users can unlock their android device and Root it to grant more permissions. Anyway let’s check how to root your device using the latest Magisk V24.1

What is Magisk Manager?

This is a new method of rooting android devices which is Android 5.0 or later. Before magisk manager, people used Superuser apps to root their devices. Which is very difficult and takes too much time. Sometimes the rooting process may fail and the device will get bricked.

But anyway thanks to Magisk manager developers. They have done a great job by developing Magisk manager which can be used to root any android device with simple steps.

Previously Used Rooting Methods

  • Using Kingroot Apk
  • By using Kingoroot App
  • Stump Root Apk
  • Installing Super User

Features of Magisk Manager app

As I already mentioned, Magisk has a lot of features that make it stand out from all old rooting methods. Anyway, let’s check them one by one.

  • Easy to use
  • Modern and stable
  • Eye-catching User interface
  • Contains Magisk Modules like fde ai Magisk module
  • Frequent Updates
  • Developer Support
  • Active forums to discuss problems and bugs if any

Read More about Best Magisk Modules

How to Get Started Using Magisk Manager V24.1

First, you have to download the Magisk zip file to install the module on your device. If you are new to Magisk then please make sure your device Bootloader is unlocked and A custom Recovery is installed. If your device has met both requirements then you can head over to download the Magisk manager zip file.

And please make sure that your device is not rooted before if you have rooted your device with any other rooting method. Please unroot your device first.

Download Magisk v24.1 (Latest)

Download Latest Magisk install zip – Download

Magisk Manager Apk – Download – Download

How To install Magisk On your Device.

As I mentioned earlier You need a custom Recovery to install Magisk on your device. For installing custom Recoveries you can Refer XDA thread to find a perfect Custom recovery. For here I am using TWRP recovery to Root my device using Magisk zip.

Steps to follow

  1. First Download the Required latest Magisk zip file to your device and keep it in the main directory for faster access.
  2. Boot Your device into Recovery Mode
  3. Head over to install Section
  4. Now select the downloaded Magisk v24.1 zip file
  5. Now Tap on the install button

That’s it you have successfully flashed Magisk manager and rooted your device. Now you can Reboot your device.

After a successful Reboot opens the Magisk app and checks everything works perfectly.

How to check Root Access

There may be chances not to get root access even after installing the Magisk app. But don’t worry you can check whether your device have root access or not by installing Root checker apps.

We suggest you use the Root checker app. You can download it from the Play store.

Root checker


If the app shows Root success then you have done everything right.

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