Before Magisk became the main part of Customisation and tweaking it was the Xposed framework. It is a powerful mod and can be used to Customize and Tweak your Android device.

But since Magisk came, the users of the Xposed framework switched to Magisk. Magisk offers systemless root. This means you can make changes without actually changing any core files.

Riru Magisk Module

Riru module has been developed by two developers named Rikka and Yujin. Actually, It stands for “Ryu Is Root Updater” and is primarily used by advanced users and developers to extend the capabilities of their rooted Android devices. This module is Crafted for the Xposed framework to run on Magisk but without installing the old type of codes and files. You can also Install an L-speed Magisk module along with Riru to get the best performance.

Benefits Of Using the RIRU Magisk Module

RIRU enhances the functionality of the Magisk framework on Android devices. Let’s check what are the main advantages of using RIRU Magisk.

  • Module Support – RIRU enables modules that require deeper integration with the Android system
  • App Compatibility: RIRU can help improve the compatibility of certain rooted apps and modules that might not work correctly without it.
  • Security and Stability: RIRU is designed to work with Magisk, which is known for its security and safety measures.
  • Developer Tools: RIRU provides tools and hooks for developers to create their own Magisk modules and system-level modifications.

How to Install Riru

As we mentioned above Riru is a Magisk module so you can easily download and install this module using the Magisk manager. But anyway you can follow the below-mentioned steps to install Riru on your device properly.

Pre Requisite:

Steps to follow

  1. You can’t directly download and install Riru from Magisk Manager so Download the module from GitHub Repo and keep it in your device’s root directory for quick access
  2. If you are downloading from pc then connect your device with pc using a data cable and transfer the zip file to your device
  3. Now open Magisk Manager and navigate to the modules section
  4. Click on the plus symbol to browse through your device directory and select the zip file
  5. Continue with the installation and wait for the installation process to finish
  6. Now Magisk will prompt with a Reboot message
  7. Continue with Reboot
  8. Now your device will reboot

If you have installed the module correctly then you can see the module under magisk -> Modules -> Riru.

How To Use The Riru Module

As I mentioned above Riru is a magisk module that allows other modules to run in the zygote process model. So if you want to explore Riru to its full potential then you must install Riru compatible Modules through Magisk Manager.

After successfully installing Riru compatible magisk module you can configure that particular module with Riru. But some modules come with no configuration screen. In such cases you just start using the module Riru will automatically take care of that module in the background.


The installation and utilization of the RIRU module provide Android users with a powerful way to extend the functionality and customization of their devices. Through the step-by-step guide outlined here, you can install and use the module.

If you’ve found this guide helpful and have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to share your thoughts below. Your feedback is valuable to me.

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