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A VPN app or Virtual Private networking app allows you to transmit data through a private and encrypted network channel. Simply VPN apps allow you to stay secure and protect your important data when you are online.

There are an uncountable amount of cyber attacks happening every day which result in millions of losses to Companies and individuals. So it is very important to stay safe online especially when you’re connected to public networks like open WIFI.

How VPN Apps Protecting You

When you are trying to connect to the internet through your laptop or desktop or whatever device, it will send a connection request to the server via the modem or dongle to which you are connected to the internet. Once the request reaches the server the server will start processing the request and send it back to your device. All this process happens in a fraction of seconds.

When you are using unprotected networks like public WIFI it will be very easy for a hacker to steal your data.

This is why you should always use VPN to protect your network. If you use VPN then your connection requests and data will only go through a private network in an encrypted format. So no one can access your data even if you are using public networks.

Benefits of Using VPN Apps

  1. Fully secured network
  2. Hide your real Location
  3. Avoid bandwidth and data throttling
  4. Get full access to country-blocked Services/Websites

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Best VPN Apps To Use

Here we tried to list some of the best VPN apps. You can check all of them and download and install the one which suits your needs and pocket.

1) Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the most popular ones. Their plans start from 12$/m. The best thing about Express VPN is that you can easily integrate this VPN service on almost all of your devices including Android, Windows, Linux, Apple, and other Browser extensions, etc. So you will be protected almost everywhere. The installation process is very simple. First, you have to register an account with your email address. After successful registration, you can go with installation. On an Android device, you can download the Express VPN app from Here.

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2) Hide My Ass

Hide my ass is also a popular VPN software. Just Like Express VPN HMA VPN has also several pricing plans to choose. You can easily install this VPN. What makes Best HMA is They have more proxy servers in different countries than any other VPN app. And They have full all in all protection solutions they can even protect your smart TV from Cyber attacks.

3) IP Vanish VPN

Online Privacy should be very easy and quick. That’s where Ip Vanish Comes. Ip vanish can easily protect you from Hackers, Advertisers, and Governments. IP vanish Creates a tunnel in between you and the server. So you can browse the web without any fear.

Features of IP Vanish

  • 2000 Proxys across the world with fast servers
  • High-end encryption algorithm
  • IPV6 protection
  • Slit tunneling – Allows particular apps to work outside VPN

These are the best VPN apps that we have personally tested and used. You can choose any of these apps to protect your data from data theft and hackers. Simply hide your IP using any of the apps and stay anonymous.

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