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Are you searching for the best magisk module called Xposed framework? Then you landed on the right page. Here you can get all the details about the Xposed module and How to install this mod on your android device.

Actually, the Xposed framework was so popular before magisk was released. People use Xposed mod to tweak changes in their android devices.

Xposed framework repo is still bigger than magisk but most of the mods are not maintained well. So users switch to magisk modules.

But anyway still we can use Xposed mod through magisk manager. Let’s check how to install Xposed using magisk manager and how to properly use this mod on your android device.

Xposed framework for Android Pie

Now you can Install Xposed on Devices running Android Pie. This is not an official one but still, you can use this version to tweak your device.

Actually, this version of the Xposed framework is ported one. But works well on Android Pie Devices.

What You Can Do with Xposed framework

  • You can use the Xposed framework to make changes to your device
  • User interface customization
  • Install modules
  • Use 100+ Xposed framework modules from Repo
  • System less Root
  • Safetynet passes

Download Xposed framework for Android Pie 9.0

Please check all requirements before starting

Once you are ok with all pre requisites we can continue to installation.

How To Install Xposed framework

  1. First Download all files
  2. Now you have to open magisk manager and go to the Modules section
  3. Now simply click on the plus symbol and install the Riru Core Magisk module
  4. Now install the Xposed module
  5. Click on the Reboot button and activate the module
  6. Now install the Xposed manager app

That’s it You have successfully installed the Xposed module on your android device pie.

Xposed framework is the best magisk module so there are 100+ modules available you can explore more by downloading and installing various modules for Xposed.

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