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Here we tried to list some of the best Linux Distributions so you can easily pick the perfect one for your need. We tried to list all types of Linux distributions from beginner to advanced users.

Linux is one of the most popular and widely used Desktop Operating systems after windows and Mac. But what makes Linux different is its open-source code. Users can make changes to the operating system.  Like adding new features, removing unwanted parts of the Operating system, and can easily customize the way they want.

Unlike Windows and Mac Linux comes in all sizes and shapes. Literally the thinnest one to the most heavier one like full-size Ubuntu.

If you are planning to migrate from windows or Mac to Linux then this post is for you. After reading this post you can easily decide which distribution is the most suitable one for you.

1 – Nitrux

Nitrux is one of the best Linux distribution. If you are taking your first step from another OS to Linux then Nitrux is made for you. This distribution is purely focused to bring a good user experience.

Nitrux also has a highly active community base. So you can interact with community members to solve any problems that you may face.

2 – Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a little old one. The developers started to build Zorin OS in 2008 with the goal to make the Linux operating system more user-friendly. The developers tried to bring familiarities to make the OS more accessible for Regular Desktop users.

Zorin OS comes in multiple variants. Liter version to the heavier one with all features and looks. You can download and install Zorin OS by selecting which variant is suitable for you.

3 – POP OS

Pop OS is another Linux distro mainly used to play games. If you are a gamer and want to play games on Linux then POP OS is for you. POP OS has several built-in features to improve the gaming experience.

Unlike other distros. POP OS supports hybrid Graphics Which is best for gaming.

4 – Kodachi

Kodachi is for privacy-oriented users.  If you want to move to Linux and you are more concerned about online privacy. Kodachi for you.

If you need a very secure and anti-forensic Linux Distribution then Kodachi is the best choice.

5 – Parrot Security

If you are a security tester and want to try out security testing Os then parrot os is made for you. There are several pen-testing tools available in parrot OS.

If you are really into hacking and testing then go for parrot OS. This is the best option you can get.

That’s it guys, Download and install the most suitable one for your usage.

Keep reading and keep sharing.

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