Undoubtedly we can say that Magisk Manager is the best app for Android power use. Simply you can use Magisk Manager to root your Android device and install some of the best Magisk Modules to tweak your Android device.

So let’s check the best Magisk Modules of 2022.

As we all know Magisk Manager is the best app for rooting Android devices.

Anyway after rooting your Android device what you are going to do? Installing some random apps? Backing up your device? Or removing unwanted system apps? Whatever let’s check some of the best Magisk Modules.

Before continuing – if you have no idea what Magisk Manager and its modules are, then please check our previous posts to learn about Magisk Manager and how to root your Android device using Magisk

What Are Magisk Modules

Magisk is a popular and widely used root tool among Android users. It allows users to customize their Android Devices in a variety of ways without changing or affecting the system files. To achieve this Magisk temporarily creates a virtual environment to edit and change the boot images and other files.

A Magisk Module is a small script or addon-like extension that we can install in Magisk Manager. There are different types of Magisk Modules are available ranging from UI tweakers to Sound editing scripts.

Here we have listed some of the popular and best Magisk Modules. You can also try Magisk Delta – A better experience than a normal Magisk manager

Best Magisk Modules

There are several Magisk Modules available and picking some of the few best Modules is not an easy task. We have to test and try each module to see its usability and how it is working. So we have gone through a detailed check-up before writing this post.

Without spending much time let’s jump into the main part.

1 Advanced charging controller

In our list, the Advanced charging controller module is the first one. This module can help your Android device extend its battery life by limiting charging current, temperature, and voltage. This module was developed by a senior XDA member.

Download the advanced charging controller

2 Bluetooth Libray Patcher

It’s so frustrating if you lose all your paired blooth connections after every single reboot. To solve such problems you can use the Bluetooth library patcher module. This module helps you to solve all problems related to your Bluetooth Library.

Download the Bluetooth Library patcher

3 Font Manager

In case you are bored with your device’s default font and want to change to a new one Font Manager is for you Not every smartphone brand allows users to change the default font. In that case, you can use the Font Manager module to change your device’s default font style.

4 Viper For Android Fx

Viper4Android Android is one of the most popular and oldest Magisk modules. It allows users to make a lot of sound enhancements on their devices by doing some changes through the module.

  • Customize Audio quality
  • Change bass
  • Equalizer

5 Web Viewer

Change your native web viewer with a custom one. The web viewer module can help you to change your default web viewer app with a custom one.

6 FDE Ai pro

FDE AI is a completely different Magisk module. With this module, you can optimize your Android device even more than you can think. This module is a completely AI-integrated one.

7 L Speed

L speed is a must-have magisk module for every gamer. If you are a gamer then this module can help you to increase your gaming experience much better than you think. After using this magisk module you can boost gaming performance to the top level. This module works well with multiplayer mobile games like Minimiltia and Pubg like multiplayer games.

8 App Systemizer

App Systemizer is another Magisk Module. It allows you to easily change your system applications into user apps and user applications to system apps.

  • Useful when you want to install apps with system access
  • Easily allow all system app permissions

9 Gravity Box

Gravity Box mainly deals with your device’s User interface. There are a lot of options to optimize UI in the Gravity Box Magisk Module.

  • Optimise device status bar
  • Navigation
  • Widgets

10 Pixel Experience

Do you need Google Pixel device themes and icons on your Android device? The pixel Experience Magisk Module is for you. You can use this module to make your device user experience like a Google pixel device.

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