Are you a music lover? Love to hear songs music and Beats? Then this post is for you. Today we are here with an amazing music mod application called Viper4Android FX APK.

Some of you may have already heard about this application. This is one of the most popular music mod ever used by Android music lovers. If you are new to Viper for Android then you can get all information about this application from Here.

What is Viper4Android FX APK

Viper4Android FX is a well-known Magisk Module for tweaking your audio experience in the Android Operating system. With the Viper 4 Android Magisk module You Customize your Android audio experience the way you want.

Benefits Of Using Viper4Android

  • Audio Quality: Viper4Android can significantly enhance the audio quality of your Android device.
  • Sound Profiles: V4A offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to fine-tune their audio settings to their preferences.
  • Equalizer: V4A includes a powerful equalizer that lets you adjust the audio frequencies to your liking
  • 3D Surround Sound: V4A provides 3D audio effects that simulate a surround sound experience
  • Low Latency: V4A aims to minimize audio latency, making it suitable for gaming
  • Convolver: The convolver feature allows you to apply impulse response (IR)


Let’s check some features of Viper for Android

  • Fet Compressor – will stimulate the operations in the FET circuit
  • Viper DDC – ( highly customizable) – now enjoy the Hifi audio experience in your earphones
  • Analog X – you can enable a Richer and warmer sound experience by enabling Analog X
  • Spectrum Extension – Enhanced High frequencies will help you to enjoy a lossless sound experience
  • USB or Dock audio output – Viper4Android supports USB/Dock audio output.
  • Better speaker Optimization – Optimise your device speaker using the Viper app
  • Surround sound experience in headphones
  • Auditory system
  • Fx compatible mode

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Requirements To install Viper four Android

Viper4Android FX Magisk Module – Download

Magisk Manager

How to install Viper 4 android FX APK and module

Follow below below-mentioned steps carefully to install the module and application on your Android device.

  • First Download the module from the above Link and keep it in your device’s root folder for quick access
  • Open the Magisk Manager application
  • Head over to the module section and click on it
  • Now click on the install from the storage option
  • Browse and select the Downloaded Viper4Android Magisk Module and continue with the installation process
  • After successful installation continue with Reboot.

That’s it you have successfully installed Viper4Android FX APK and module on your Android device.

How To Uninstall the Viper4Android Module

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app – Launch the Magisk Manager app on your Android device
  2. Access the Modules section magisk - Modules
  3. Locate the Viper4Android module
  4. Tap on the Viper4Android module in the list. This will open a pop-up menu with options related to the module.
  5. Tap On Uninstall
  6. Reboot Your Device

That’s it you have successfully uninstalled the module from your device.


Viper4Android is a powerful audio enhancement module for Android devices that can significantly improve your audio experience. Keep in mind that using Viper4Android may require a rooted device and some technical knowledge.

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