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Have you ever heard about GPS changer apps? Well then GPS changer apps are apps which will help you to change your GPS location virtually. Yes you can fake your GPS location

There are some applications which will ask you for GPS access to Run, So if you are more privacy focused then you don’t need to reveal your real location anymore.

This particular method of faking your GPS location is called GPS location spoofing.

Download GPS spoofing App

There are several applications available now for GPS spoofing but most of them requires paid membership. So if you are more privacy focused and have enough amount to spend for premium you can go with premium apps. Otherwise you can use free apps which may contain ads.

So we highly recommend you to download Fake GPS application from Play Store. Which will help you to change your GPS location virtually.

How to Fake GPS Location

To fake your GPS location. Follow below mentioned Steps

  • Enable Developer options
  • Now select Mock location app
  • Now select the application that you have installed for changing your GPS location virtually

That’s its  now you can follow the instructions on that app to enable mock location.

Advantages of enabling Mock location

  • You change your GPS location virtually
  • More privacy
  • Can use apps that are blocked by GPS

Please be care about installing apps from unknown source. Downloading GPS location changing apps may lead you to harmful websites.

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