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Knowing the age of your Steam account can be useful for various reasons like tracking your gaming history, participating in events that require a certain account age, or for security purposes to monitor account activity over time etc.

But most of the Steam users don’t know how to check their Steam account age or when they actually created their Steam account. So in this guide, we are going to explain how you can easily check your Steam account age by using different methods.

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How To Check How Old is Your Steam Account

So, let’s start the guide by the easiest way

1. Know Steam Account Age By Checking Email id

The easiest way to check your Steam account age is by your email account.

  • Simply log in to your email account which you used to create Steam your account.
  • Once you log in, go to search and type steam
  • Filter email by date
  • Now you can see the first email you got from steam
  • Open the email
  • Check the date of the email you received Steam verification email

Mostly the first email from Steam will be your account confirmation mail. Which is sent at the time of creating the Steam account. Once you find the email from Steam you can easily find how old is your Steam account.

If you are not able to find the email from steam probably you may deleted your email from steam or the email account you are using may not be connected to steam or it is different. Learn how to change email on steam to connect your email address to avoid such problems in future.

I know this method will not work for everyone, You can try the below-mentioned methods to check your Steam account age.

2. Know Steam Account Age By Checking Steam Badge

In this method, you can check your Steam account age by visiting your Steam profile page and checking your Steam years of service badge. Let’s see how to check.

  1. Open the Steam Client application Alternatively, you can open or log in to your Steam account from your browser.
  2. Once you log in go to the right top and click on your username.
  3. Select the View My Profile option from the drop-down.
  4. From the profile click on the badges section steam badges
  5. Now Select the Year of Service badge from the list of badges
  6. Once you hover you can see When your account was created and identify how old your Steam account is. Steam year of Service Badge

3. Know Steam Account Age By Using Third-party Websites or Tools

Yes, You can also check your Steam account age by using some tools. If you know your Steam account ID then you can use that Steam ID to find a lot of information about your Steam account including the age of the account.

  1. Simply go to the site called Steam ID Pro
  2. Paste your Steam ID that you copied from your Steam Account
  3. Once you pasted click on lookup

It will take only a second process and give u the result. All your details will be displayed even your purchased digital assets and current games including your account created date.


You can find your steam account age using any of the above methods. All methods are working and I’ve personally tested with my steam account.

If you found you are using your steam account for a long time and don’t know how much you spend on this account. Then you can view steam purchase history to know your total spends on steam from the date you created the account.

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