Best Resume Building Apps for Android and iPhone–  Are you in search of this? then you landed in the Right place. Finding a new job is very difficult these days. You need a good education, skills, and experience. But this all can go in vain if you do not have a presentable resume.  while applying for a job resume is really important. Many people are stuck here and lose the opportunity for a job. manually making a CV is a little hard and may take a lot of time.

Now you don’t want the smallest mistake on a paper to cost you a good job. As technology is developing at a fast pace it is helping in many ways. and it is an intelligent choice to use technology for your benefit. A CV includes a detailed format and presentation which you can miss if you are not a pro. So if you want you can use the technology for your benefit too.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the best Resume building apps for Android and iOS users.

What are the Best Resume Building Apps

Many apps help you to make the best CV you can. They make the format automatically and you just need to ask for normal details. They help you in making a good presentable CV with correct details. So here are a few amazing Best Resume Building Apps for Android and iPhone users,  that will help you to make your CV like an expert.

They all have extremely good features and would help you to make a CV in a few minutes as you type the instructions. If you are looking for a job you should try any of these apps that will increase your chances of getting a job.

1. CV Engineer

Availability –  Android & Ios

CV engineer is a great resume builder. It helps you make an expert resume that could land you the job.  CV engineer can make your CV in a few minutes just after you enter your details. You can select the contents of your CV like profile, qualification, declaration, and all.



  • Professional CV Templates
  • Create Custom CV sections
  • Export in Multiple Formats
  • Step by Step Advice

CV engineer has many templates that make your CV look classy and professional. We see a lot of templates that look childish but in CV engineering all the templates are great. the app also gives you great advice and tips to make a perfect CV. They will guide you throughout the process of what kind of things one should add to a CV.

The process is easy; you just need to select a template and add the details. It has easy resume editing options and you can add and delete things anytime. If you want to add some different thing that is not already in a template, you can also create your custom content.

2. Canva – Photo or Image Editor

Availability: Android & IOS


  • Premium premade Templates
  • 100s of templates
  • Easy to Use and edit
  • Free
  • Beginner Friendly

If you are into designing and digital creativity, it is highly impossible that you have never heard of this app. Canva allows you to create multiple things such as posters, flashcards, posts, and CVs too. It is one of the top designing App you can find and is filled with great features to design your CV easier.

Canva has many free templates that look good and professional. You get a wide range of templates and formats to select from. There is a template for every kind of job. Once you have selected the template all you have to do is edit the details and fill in yours. If you want to add your content or add a different title you can do that too.

Using canvas is pretty easy and you will not face any problems. It is one of the fastest CV maker.

3. Microsoft Word

Availability: Android & IOS


  • Easy to use
  • Build from Scratch
  • No limitations

If you want a simple-looking professional resume building app? Microsoft Word is a great tool too. Here you are not bound to any kind of template. You can create your CV from a very basic point of view. You can write the content of the resume and design any ideal resume from scratch. There are various Microsoft Word tools that you can use to make your resume look more attractive.

The app has templates and you can select a CV from it. you can use different fonts for different headings. You can also add a header and a perfect title. The app allows you to be fully creative with your resume. There are no specific word limits or content limits. And we all know that Microsoft Word is pretty simple to use. You just need to know the basics.

4. Google Docs

Availability: IOS & Android

Top Features

  • Offline Editing
  • Free To use
  • Easy to use and build Resumes

Google Docs is a cross-platform application where you can access your resumes from both IOS  and Android devices. Google Docs is a free web-based word processor that is part of Google’s online office suite called Google Workspace. It allows users to create, edit, and share resumes in real-time. You can easily share your designed CV with others via link or email. Documents can also be exported to Word, PDF, and other standard formats.

5. Free resume builder

Availability: Android

Top Features

  • 100+ Resume Templates
  • Fast and Easy to Create CV
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • 30+ Language Support

Free resume builder is a great choice for building a Resume. It has almost every feature one needs for a CV. Once you have made your CV you can download it in PDF. You can save it, add or edit the CV, and download it again.

The app allows you to use 100+ formats and all of them are great. The templates are professional and usually the ones that are used in the stream. Cover letters are also an important part and the app offers you 250+ cover letter templates for a job.

You can use 30+ languages and create a CV in your language. You can customize your template and change the color as you wish. You can add a touch of your own and be more creative. You can also use different designs and formats to make your CV look better.

6. LinkedIn

Availability: Android & IOS

Top Features

  • Easy to USe
  • Instant Share Resumes with Top Companies
  • Cross-platform

We all know how useful LinkedIn is. It is home to tons and tons of jobs from high-end companies. LinkedIn can get you a dream job. It is a very useful source indeed. But do you know that LinkedIn can help you to make an ideal CV too?

LinkedIn does have this inbuilt feature where you can add your details and make a nice CV. You can change it according to your job too. LinkedIn gives you tips and suggestions and you can also look for an example for your CV. You can take suggestions from various CVs present on the app from the same profession.

LinkedIn also helps you to write the content of your CV and present it professionally. And guess what you can apply for your dream job directly from LinkedIn by sending your CV with a single click.

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7. Resume Builder CV maker App

Availability: Android and IOS

This app is very easy to use and can help you to land your first job. If you are a beginner this is one of the apps you can use. The app design is very easy and will guide you throughout the process so you make a good presentable resume. It has tons of features that will improve your CV and make it look classy and professional.

The app allows you to download the whole CV for free. You can save it directly from the app or email it to the app. There are 50+ resume templates that the app offers and all of them are great. The app has put thought into selecting the best template that looks good.

The steps to create the CV are really easy. You just need to select a template that is good for you and then start editing your details there. You can also add different content and use suggestions from the app.

8. Resumaker

Availability: Android

Resumaker is another wonderful app that makes your task of making a CV easy and fast. The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The app is designed to help beginners to make a nice CV that can give them a good opportunity. It has amazing features and you can use many things on the app for free.

The resume you create here could be downloaded in a pdf format and you can save it in the app and directly mail it to the people. you have to follow the easy steps. You just have to fill in the details and the app will generate a good CV for you. If you want some changes to your CV you can select from the wide range of template options that the app offers.

You can generate multiple resumes for your multiple skills. You can save the resumes and change them anytime according to your needs. You can change the color of the resume as per your need and also try different fonts and designs. It is a completely customizable resume maker.

Professional CV Maker app

This app is also one of the good options on the list which is for free. you get great template options and format for 100% free. This is a genuinely good app if you want to start making a CV. The app also gives tips and you will see a lot of examples of good CVs too.

You can make a good CV and download it directly from the app. The app is really fast and you can create an impressive CV in a minute. All you need to do is enter all your details and the app will generate a CV. You can also add multiple sections and reorder them as per your requirements.


These are the best CV maker apps for Android and IOS. We are pretty sure that these apps are going to help you a lot. Why stress yourself when you can create a professional-looking CV in just a few minutes? We hope that these apps help you to make a good CV and lend you a perfect job.

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