How to enable tabs in File Explorer on Windows 11

by GeeKz Topia

Recently Microsoft released Windows 11 22h2 in their release preview channel. This new update brings a lot of new features like drag drop to task bar and other new options.

Now You can enable tabs in File Explorer.

So let’s check what you can exactly do with windows tab feature and how you can easily enable this feature on your windows 11.

Windows tabs system simply means that you can browse or use files explorer just like how you use web browser. So you don’t need to leave current instance to open other folders or files.

This feature brings more easy navigation through file explorer and better handling of files at a very little time.  It will enable new multi tasking process.  This feature previously available for selected users only but anyway now we can enable this option by going through some simple Steps.

How to Enable Tabs feature in Windows 11 file explorer

Windows 11 new versions have this option but it’s hidden. So let’s check how to enable this by following below mentioned steps.

  1. You should be a member of windows insider program if not please join to windows 11 insider program and sign up for beta chennal
  2. Now simply restart/ Reboot your system
  3. Now open GitHub page select download page
  4. Download Vivetool
  5. Save downloaded tool in a easy accessible folder
  6. Now select the zip file and right click and click on extract file
  7. All files will be extracted to a folder
  8. Open extracted folder and copy folder path
  9. Now go to search and search for Command prompt (cmd) and open it with administrative privilege
  10. Type Cd and paste the folder path
  11. Press enter
  12. The command prompt will execute the path and it will automatically change the default path to the one you pasted
  13. Now enter the following command one by one and restart your System

vivetool addconfig 39145991 2

vivetool addconfig 37634385 2

vivetool addconfig 36354489 2

That’s it you have successfully enabled tabs feature in your file explorer. Now you can easily navigate between your files and folders.

Keep in mind that this feature is still in development so you may face some bugs.

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