Best Light weight browser

If you have a low-end old smartphone then you should switch your current browser to a lighter one for better performance.

If you are using a low-end smartphone then modern browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Firefox can really affect your device’s overall performance. These types of big bowsers consume more resources like memory, RAM, CPU, etc.  So it’s always good to switch to a lighter web browser.

Best Light Weight Web Browsers

Today we have tried to list some of the best 5 lightweight Android browser software for your low-end device.

1. Via Browser

Via Browser - Fast & Light
Via Browser - Fast & Light
Developer: Tu Yafeng
Price: Free

App Size – less than 0.5m

Via is one of the most popular and widely used lightweight Android web browsers. Via is built on Chromium web view technology. Even if the browser is lighter it doesn’t compromise on any new features. And it also comes with great customization options.

Via browser is designed for minimalism and optimized for a better browser experience. You can also customize the homepage by tapping on the menu button and then selecting the setting option from the list.

Features of Via Browser

  • Size is Less than 0.5m
  • Complete customization options
  • minimalistic design
  • Built for speed and performance
  • Home page customization
  • inbuilt ad blocker
  • Assons option
  • Night mode
  • Desktop switcher
  • Data saving

2. Monument Browser

App size – 0.9m

The monument browser is also built with Chromium web view technology. It is a privacy-focused lightweight web browser. what makes monument special is its built-in File downloading capability. It uses multiple connections to speed up your downloads more than any other browser.

It can capture file formats like M3, U8, MP$, MP3, and MKV etc.  It automatically captures and downloads files without any interaction.

Features of Monument Browser

  • Lightweight browser
  • Size is less than 0.9m
  • An advanced inbuilt download manager
  • Download files simultaneously
  • Intercept downloads
  • Resume your downloads
  • Privacy focused
  • Inbuilt ad blocker
  • Night mode

3. Foss Browser

FOSS Browser
FOSS Browser
Price: Free

Foss is a fully open-source lightweight web browser and it is also based on web view technology. its main goal is to give its users an amazing browsing experience with full control. The best thing about the foss browser is the whole search bar and all options and settings are put under the bottom side, So it is really helpful for one-handed users.  Your fingers can reach and take control of all the options with one hand.

Features of Foss browser

  • Fully open source
  • No tracking – Privacy focused
  • No unnecessary permissions needed
  • Inbuilt ad blocker
  • backup data
  • Save logins in a separate database – encrypted


The best lightweight web browser for you depends on your specific requirements. If you’re looking for minimalism and speed, consider options like via Browser.

Ultimately, the best lightweight browser will align with your browsing habits and device capabilities.

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