Best Android Launchers – 2022

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Android is one of the most popular platforms. It is an open system so you can replace core features like launchers with third-party apps and it is super simple too. Here we have personally selected some of the best launchers that are currently available to download from the play store.

Launchers are one of the most important apps which will make your device looks better and more user-friendly. Here We have added some of the best launchers. later we will add more Launcher apps. So let’s take a look at the best launcher apps for android.

1) Niagara Launcher[appbox googleplay bitpit.launcher&hl ]

This launcher launched in 2021, and just after the major release, it became a big success. This is a simple and minimalist launcher that offers a high-quality User Interface, thanks to its developers. It list apps vertically, which allows you to control and use your device easily with one hand only. The best thing about this app is it’s free of cost, yes you don’t need to pay anything to use this app. And another thing about this app is adaptiveness, which means you can easily place the apps you need at your fingertips very precisely when you need them. The launcher is free to download and use, which means that there are zero to no ads. If you want to use all the features of the launcher, then you can buy the premium version of the Niagara Launcher app.

2) Microsoft launcher[appbox googleplay ]

The second one is the Microsoft launcher. This launcher offers a really good user experience. As it is from the Microsoft family it comes with all the Microsoft products, such as tasks, calendar events, and all the other data and services linked with your Microsoft account. The Microsoft sign-in feature is optional, so you don’t have to sign in to use the app.

3) AIO launcher[appbox googleplay ru.execbit.aiolauncher&hl ]

AIO launcher is not an ordinary launcher app. Unlike other launcher apps, AIO doesn’t have fancy animations or icons. You can use the AIO launcher to showcase the most important updates on the screen, like Weather, Notification, Tasks, Dialer, Timer, mail, etc.

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4) Prime Launcher by Nova Launcher[appbox googleplay ]

This is one of the top and oldest launchers on the list which was launched in 2012. And the best thing is still this app is one of the top choices for Android users. This app offers a relatively easy User interface and layout, with a basic app drawer. It is an easily customizable one so it become so popular. You can easily set and use dark mode to change the view. There are two versions of the app one is free and another one is premium If you need to use premium features then you can switch premium version of this application by simply purchasing the app.

5) Poco Launcher[appbox googleplay ]

This one is my personal favorite. I uses this launcher for the past two years. Poco is super easy to use and comes with a very simple and elegant user interface. This launcher is released by Xiaomi. The best thing about Poco is it is fast and lightweight. Poco launcher has a categorization option which means If you have many apps installed on your device then this launcher will automatically group the apps.

6) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition [appbox googleplay com.actionlauncher.playstore&hl ]

Just like the prime launcher Action launcher is also quite an old one. this launcher is also easily customizable. You can hide unwanted apps and widgets on this launcher. it can give your device a pixel-perfect experience.


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