Recently Google Updated their pixel Google Camera 8.5.300 apk. The new update is live and users can update to the new version through Play Store. As usual Google doesn’t provide any change logs on this new update. However we have installed the application on our device and tested. So we are listing all the changes here.

Google Camera 8.5.300 Apk

In the recent Google event Google unveiled some stunning features on softwares, apps and hardware products. And in the same event Google unveiled Google pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro. This means the new apps are being tested and new features will come to apps like Google camera apk.

Features of Google camera 8.5 Apk

As from the testing a lots of feedbacks are coming on shutter and front and back camera switching. And zoom options are updated with new animations.

The camera user interface is also updated. The camera switching is now more easy and simple with new animations.

Users also updated that the new version brings more clarity and crispyness to the photos. The photo zooming capability also increased.

And the new version of Google camera version 9.0 will be launched after the release of pixel 7 and 7 pro devices.

We are also excited about this launch and new cam. Once it is released we will update the camera apk here.

Here is some of the Google cam 8.5.300 apk screenshots

Download Google Camera 8.5.300 Apk

From here you can download the Google Camera app’s latest version. We also extracted this file directly from the play store.

Google Camera APK Installation

After downloading the application,  you can install it like any other app you install on your device.

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