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Despite paying for YouTube premium subscription a lot of people used YouTube Vanced app. Which gives all premium features plus some additional features that not available in the official YouTube application.

As we all know advertisement are essential for any online platform to keep going. But YouTube Vanced app provided a lot more than Just blocking advertisement. It was one of the best Magisk module

Features of YouTube Vanced apk

  • More video playback options
  • YouTube dislike button
  • Spoofing
  • Sponsored ad blocking
  • Allows you to login to your account

If you can install Dolby Atmos Magisk module with Vanced apk then you can experience Dolby surround audio on your device.

But recent YouTube Vanced app updates forced users to look for best Vanced alternatives.

What happened to YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced was the best alternative to YouTube premium. Where you can experience all YouTube premium features plus some additional promotional video blocking feature.

Recently Vanced developers taken down the project and it’s further development after receiving a legal notice from Google. The developers had to pull down all download links after receiving this notice from Google.

So after this incident people not able to download Vanced apk. The current version will work because it’s close to recent YouTube updates but soon it will Stop working. So it’s time for look into some of the YouTube Vanced Alternatives.

YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Let’s check some of the best replacements fro YouTube Vanced app.

1 YouTube premium

YouTube premium is the first and best alternative to YouTube Vanced. Honestly this is the best option and we always suggest you to use the official version. Because all other apps like Vanced will Stop working one day. And you may need to compromise your privacy to use such third party applications.

If you’re ready take YouTube premium subscription then you can get almost 90% of features that offered by Vanced apk and enjoy YouTube without worrying any privacy issues.

2 New Pipe

New Pipe is a very old Vanced Alternative. Actually it launched even before Vanced app. It is completely open source and provides background playback feature. The developers are maintaining Pipe very well.

Features of New Pipe

  • Background playback
  • Picture in picture mode
  • Video Downloading
  • Light weight
  • Privacy focused


  • YouTube channel subscription is not available

3 Sky Tube

Sky Tube is very different Vanced Alternative. It comes in two varients. One is Sky Tube extra and it packed with closed libraries and the another varient is completely open source.


  • Supports official YouTube app casting
  • Background music
  • Video Downloading
  • No ads
  • Open source


  • Channel subscription is not available

4 Liber Tube

Liber Tube is an interesting one. It’s still in beta stage but still we can use it as an alternative to YouTube Vanced apk. It comes with a lot of features like all other alternative apps. Let’s check them.


  • Uses piped server
  • Create an account and channel subscription
  • Background playback
  • Download videos


  • No direct channel subscription is available


These are the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives. You can use any of these apps instead of Vanced application, but We always recommend you to go for YouTube premium because in YouTube premium you can get almost all features without compromising your data.

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