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Magisk Manager is one of the most popular root tools for Android that allows users to customize their devices in different ways. Actually, MAGISK manager is a set or collection of small tools that you can use to increase your device performance and customization options.

What are Magisk Modules

Magisk is a popular and widely used root tool among Android users. It allows users to customize their Android Devices in a variety of ways without changing or affecting the system files. To achieve this Magisk temporarily creates a virtual environment to edit and change the boot images and other files.

A Magisk Module is a small script or addon-like extension that we can install in Magisk Manager. There are different types of Magisk Modules are available ranging from UI tweakers to Sound editing scripts.

Here we have listed some of the popular and best Magisk Modules.

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Best Magisk Modules

Let’s check some of the best Magisk Modules and their features:

1. Viper4Android

Viper4Android Android is one of the most popular and oldest Magisk modules. It allows users to make a lot of sound enhancements on their devices by doing some changes through the module.

  • Customize Audio quality
  • Change bass
  • Equalizer

2. App Systemizer

App Systemizer is another Magisk Module. It allows you to easily change your system applications into user apps and user applications to system apps.

  • Useful when you want to install apps with system access
  • Easily allow all system app permissions


FDEI.AI is a Magisk Module that allows users to customize their device performance and speed. This module can work at the system level to optimize the CPU, GPU, and RAM components to optimize memory and give the best user experience.

4. Gravity Box

Gravity Box mainly deals with your device’s User interface. There are a lot of options to optimize UI in the Gravity Box Magisk Module.

  • Optimise device status bar
  • Navigation
  • Widgets

5. Pixel Experience

Do you need Google Pixel device themes and icons on your Android device? The pixel Experience Magisk Module is for you. You can use this module to make your device user experience like a Google pixel device.

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6. Xposed Framework

Xposed is an old root tool that comes into magisk module. You can use this module to install other useful modules like Gravity Box, greenify, and L speed modules on your Android device.

7. AdAway

This module is a powerful ad blocker that blocks ads system-wide, providing an ad-free browsing and app usage experience. Note that ad-blocking may impact some websites’ revenue, so use it responsibly.

8. Camera2 API Enabler

If your device’s camera lacks advanced features, this module enables the Camera2 API, unlocking manual camera controls and compatibility with camera apps like Google Camera.

9. MagiskHide Props Config

This module allows you to customize your device’s fingerprint and other device-related properties. It’s useful for bypassing compatibility checks and accessing apps or services that are blocked on rooted devices.

Whether you’re looking to improve audio quality, block ads, customize your device’s properties, or unlock advanced camera features, there’s likely a Magisk module to meet your requirements. However, it’s important to Check and ensure compatibility with your device and Android version.

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