Best Custom ROM For Gaming in 2022

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Are you searching for the best custom ROMs for gaming? Then you are at the right place. Here you can get all the details about Best custom ROMs that are available now.

If you are a hardcore mobile gamer and if you want to boost your device gaming performance then this guide is for you.  Choose one of the custom ROM for your device and start playing your games.

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No matter what game you are playing you need the best gaming experience without any lag and downs. So keep reading until you find your perfect custom ROM.

Why You Need Custom ROM for gaming and How It Gonna Help you?

Well, actually there are multiple reasons why you need to install custom ROM on your device. Most people do it to avoid unnecessary bloatware from the device. Bloatware may not make big problems if your device is new. But as time flows bloatware can cause serious performance issues. So if can avoid bloatware by installing a custom ROM then definitely it’s gonna improve your device gaming performance.

The second thing is you can install some ROM tweaking scripts which will help you to improve gaming performance. There are plenty of Magisk modules are available for performance tweaking You can try one of them.

Best Custom ROMs for Gaming –  2022

We have listed some of the best custom ROM for gamers.

1 ) Havoc OS

Havoc OS

Let’s start with Havoc OS, It’s one of the most used custom ROM after liquid Remix. Havoc comes with a preinstalled gaming mode. Where you can enable this option from settings and play any game without getting any issues. Apart from gaming mode Havoc doesn’t have any unwanted apps installed so it won’t eat your RAM much. More RAM = Better lag-free performance.

  • Clean interface
  • Simple to use
  • No need of custom Kernels
  • Pre enabled gaming mode

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2 DeprFest

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