Log Off Other Users on Windows

If multiple users share the same PC, you may need to log off other users in Windows 11 to keep your computer running fast.

Having other users signed in at the same time can slow down your PC’s performance.

For example if another user forgets to logout the session, then the session may continue running and take unnecessary system resources l, which may slow down system performance for other users.

So if you are an Admin user then you can easily logoff other users without signing out from your main account.

The good thing is it’s super easy to do it using some commands or using task Manager.

Log Off Other Users Using Task Manager

The easiest way to Remove other users is by using the Task Manager.

Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Open Task Manager – Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the options. Alternatively, you can press Alt + Control+ Delete buttons simultaneously to open the utility menu. Or by navigating through the control panel or searching Task Manager directly in the search. Task Manager
  2. Once Task Manager is Open click on the Right Navigation Menu and Select Users users
  3. Now Right Click on the user account you want to sign off and click the Sign-off option from the menu that appears Users sign off
  4. Once you click the signoff option from the menu a verification message will appear to confirm. click on sign-off user Confirm sign off

Once completed all the steps the selected user will be logged off from the system. If you want to log out more users then you can repeat the steps.

Logg Off Other Users on Windows 11 Using Command Prompt

logging off other users from Task Manager is super simple and easy, but what if you want to do it in another way? yes You can, You can also use the command prompt to log off others from the system.

Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Press windows key and open the start menu
  2. Click on search bar and type CMD
  3. Right Click on command prompt and launch command window as admin CmD as admin
  4. Once command prompt window is launched run the following command to see currently logged in users. query session
  5. Now type the following command to logg out others users, change ID with the user I’d to which you want to logg out 6 logoff 6 command e1698780804362
    logoff ID-Number
  6. Once you executed the command the selected user will be logged out. Now you can close command prompt window.


If you are using a shared system then there might be chances other users forgot to log out their account, this can lead to unwanted system resources usage and which results poor performance for currently logged in users. 

But you can easily log out other users using Task Manager or by using some commands mentioned in the above Steps. 

Let me know if you face any problems in the comments 

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