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Hey guys, hope you are doing well. Whatsapp recently rolled out an update saying that it will merge user data with Facebook for multiple reasons. Anyway, all that basically means Facebook will have access to more data than it already has. And now it’s time for finding a WhatsApp alternative and that’s why we are here.

Let’s check some of the best WhatsApp alternatives

Best WhatsApp alternatives for your Device

So now it’s time to check the best WhatsApp alternatives for your device, I tried to include only free apps. so choose any of these apps for your daily drive.

So the first app on the list is Telegram. It’s quite obvious, I mean it has been the best alternative to WhatsApp for a couple of years, now it has only gotten better over time.

The open-source messaging app is still the best Whatsapp alternative out there. Along with the usual messaging features that both WhatsApp and Telegram pack, Telegram brings other features like supergroups, public channels, usernames, etc. Telegram can be used on multiple platforms which is so convenient.


If you are all about privacy and security then Signal Messenger will be your best WhatsApp alternative. Signal comes from the house of open source systems the company actually powers end-to-end technology in WhatsApp and Facebook.

The signal app offers self-distracting messages, and screen security to prevent anyone from taking screenshots of your chats.


Wire comes with a beautiful interface coupled with end-to-end encryption.  With Wire, you can get a lot of features like group video calls, self-distracting messages, the ability to delete messages from recipient devices, link reviews, and much more.

And similar to telegram you can use it on multiple devices as well.


Threema provides an amazing level of encryption it encrypts all your data including messages, calls, shared files, and even your status updates.

Threema is not a full-fledged Whatsapp replacement since it doesn’t have any sort of calling facilities as of yet but it is focused on your privacy. And what’s more, this app is completely open-source so the rest of your data is quite safe.


How about trying something different?  Such as Bridgify Now all the apps that are mentioned are basically using the internet but Bridgify is an offline messaging app. It uses peer-to-peer Bluetooth or wifi direct network on your phone and allows you to send messages to your nearby friends.

Bridgify offers three types of messaging services. Person-to-person mode, broadcast mode, and mesh mode. This basically allows you to communicate with people without being affected by any sort of internet censorship.


That’s all. If you feel any other secure WhatsApp alternatives that we should have included in this guide? please make sure to comment below and we will include that in our list.

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