OctaviOS 12 – Best Custom ROM With Extreme Customization Options

by GeeKz Topia

Are you searching for OctaviOS?  Then you are at the right place. Here you can get all details about OctaviOS and it’s installation steps.

What is OctaviOS

It is an Aosp based custom focused on smooth UI and better customisation options. It’s actually a reborn of pie based pearlos.

OctaviOS brings personalised customisation options with its new version Android 12. You cand download and install to this custom ROM on your device.

Change Logs to OctaviOS Android 12

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Updated pixel props to latest release
  • Switched to Pixel launcher / Launcher 3 for Gapps / Vanilla (respectively)
  • Redesigned Settings and About phone with new Look
  • Introduced new icon pack for Octavi aosp apps
  • Re*implemented Network meter with OOS style
  • Fixed Glitchy charging info on lockscreen
  • Fix pill getting invisible in gesture mode
  • Fix a Google search crash due to a permission issue
  • Re*implemented backgesture and Smartspace providers
  • Fixed a few glitches/issues in AOSP icon packs
  • Fix Microsoft apps crashing due to no internet permission
  • Improvements in Sound tile and Screenshot tile
  • Replaced staturbar icon of ADB notification with USB icon
  • Fixed brightness slider on some devices
  • Tweaked Settings collapsed header for better look
  • Fixed edit button in screenshot share activity
  • Fixed missing Internet permission

Newly Added Things :

  • Added Pixel launcher mod from TeamFiles along with 1000s of themed icons by them
  • Adapted Octavi Apps for themed icons
  • Added Alert slider support
  • Added Game mode (Google one)
  • Added Quick tap
  • Added 12L internet and screen record dialog from Radiant
  • Added A13 like Media output picker
  • Added a toast on deleting screenshot
  • Added App lock from AOSP*Krypton (only user apps)
  • Added Expanded volume panel
  • Added Pitch black theme

Features of OctaviOS

  • Redesigned Clock and QS
  • Timely OTA Updates
  • Redesigned apps from AOSP
  • Fully open source
  • OctaviOS Lab.
  • Special customisation options added
  • Advanced Utility support like magisk and other modules
  • Beautiful UI

Supported Devices – OctaviOS 12

We have listed only main devices

How to install OctaviOS 12 on your Device


  1. Download OctaviOS Rom file
  2. Boot into pitch black recovery
  3. Wipe Data , dalvik system, vendor
  4. Install OctaviOS ROM file
  5. Install additional add-ons if required
  6. Reboot

That’s it you have successfully installed OctaviOS 12 on your device. Clean install is always recommend.


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