Best custom ROMs for OnePlus 6

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Custom ROMs means a modified version of any software. Custom ROM replaces our Android operating system. 

Custom ROMs are very subjective and helpful. Before installing a custom ROM, a person should have a trial before and then decide which one to use on a daily basis. 

These custom ROMs are updated regularly by the developers, who try to solve the reported problems by the users. 

Custom ROMs allow a person to experience the latest version of the Android operating system even if the operating system is not supported on that device. If a person wants to install a custom ROM on OnePlus 6, he needs TWRP recovery on that device. 

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Once the TWRP is installed, we can easily install custom ROM on our OnePlus 6 device and Root your device with magisk manager v24.1.

There are many and best custom ROMs that are supported on OnePlus 6. They are; Syberia Project, Pixel Experience, cr Android, Palladium operating system, and Lineage Operating system. 

Let us discuss these custom ROMs for the OnePlus 6 device in detail

Syberia Project

The Syberia team itself designed this project. The Syberia project is a custom ROM for OnePlus 6. This project implements many new features. This project has a fantastic customization variety. 

This is an AOSP-based custom ROM which recently brought Andrew 12 with the Monet engine to the OnePlus 6. They use CodeAurora sources for HALS. 

In this, the custom ROM is built to enhance the number of Android experience users.

Lineage Operating System

The Lineage Operating system only supports the latest OnePlus devices like OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. 

This is a free aftermarket firmware distribution designed to increase the efficiency and performance of the device. 

The Operating lineage system can be used without any need for installation. It doesn’t include various hardware-specific codes.

Pixel Experience

This is an ASOP-based custom ROM. Pixel experience includes Google apps and all Pixel goodies like launcher, wallpapers, icons, font, boot animation, and many more.

Pixel experience operating systems’ main target is to offer maximum security and stability to the user. This provides essential and valuable features for the devices’ proper functioning, including the OnePlus 6.

Crdroid Android

Crdroid improves the performance and customizability of a device like the OnePlus 6. This operating system is very safe and secure. This system is always up-to-date. Once a month, security updates are available for the users with new features. 

Crdroid operating systems are supported on many devices. A small group of developers maintains the Crdroid Android operating system, and they give their best to take this project and opportunity to high levels.

Crdroid keeps in touch with Lineage operating system source as they used Lineage operating system as a base. To download crdroid on a OnePlus 6 device, first, we have to install TWRP Recovery. Then this operating system can be easily installed.

Palladium Operating system

Palladium OS is a custom ROM-based system on Android 11. This operating system is a community-driven OS as any local person can also request to add or remove any feature according to their convenience and will.

This platform interacts with people and allows them to put their views and give their reviews on the features, and based on these reviews, they can modify them and do all the necessary requirements. 

The Palladium operating system is always up-to-date with all the security checks. 

This system adds many features to the device like; a QS background color picker, revamped system UI, new gaming modes, a preference to reduce the gesture bar, a few more new fonts, new system charging animations, and many more. 

This system also fixes persistent accent color issues.

So, these were some Best custom ROMs for OnePlus 6.

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