Avinash Chandran P
Avinash Chandran P

Avinash Chandran is a passionate writer with a dedicated focus on technology. Possessing a keen interest in subjects ranging from Android, Windows, games, gadgets, career and education. Avinash brings forth both expertise and enthusiasm to craft captivating content.


"The limits of technology are the limits of human imagination"
Avinash Candran p

From childhood, Avinash has been fascinated by technology including the web, smartphones, and new innovations. He fondly recalls getting his first phone, a Motorola phone, in 8th grade which sparked his deep interest in the tech world.

Avinash taught himself about operating systems, hardware, networks, and other technical topics mainly through online research. He pursued a Degree in Computer Applications to gain coding and programming knowledge.

Avinash’s IT certifications and diploma, combined with his natural curiosity and motivation to self-learn, have enabled him to succeed in technical support and IT roles. He enjoys continually expanding his technology skillset and knowledge.

After joining SetMyCareer, Avinash started exploring the field of careers more deeply. He learned a lot about different careers and skills and the education needed. For the last 3 years, he has helped many people choose their careers in the Right way and He is sharing his knowledge through his blog called Career-junction.com

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